The Museum of Catholic Art and History relies on the freewill offerings of private benefactors and friends.  Without the generous support of people like you, the museum would not be able to preserve the Catholic mind and memory.

Art requires three types of people:

  1. Artists who create
  2. Benefactors who sponsor the work and its preservation
  3. Custodians who guard and preserve the art for future generations

These are the ABCs of art.  The museum is in the third category.  Would you consider being a member of the second? Donations are tax-deductible and much appreciated.

Monetary Donations

The Museum of Catholic Art and History accepts monetary donations as well as donations of art and religious items. Monetary donations may made through the website or mailed to the following address:

The Museum of Catholic Art and History:

P.O. Box 164234
Columbus, OH 43216

For other donations please email us at

Become a Volunteer

We are grateful to those who give of their time to help us in a variety of ways. Whether it be for a class project, community service requirements, or a love and appreciation of Catholic art and culture, we welcome your desire to help the mission of the museum.

To receive additional information, please call 614-618-4030, or email us at

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    Corporate Sponsors

    The generosity of our corporate sponsors helps us to achieve our goals. If you’re interested in sponsorship or advertising opportunities please email