A Museum For All
The Museum of Catholic Art and History is open to everyone.
Not only can devout Catholics further explore their beliefs and traditions,
members of other faiths, including Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, and Mormon,
have visited our museum to learn more.
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The Museum of Catholic Art and History was established in 1998 by a local parish priest. Its purpose is to preserve our Catholic heritage through art and education. The museum embraces liturgical art and secondarily any art that in some way tells the story directly or indirectly of Christ, Mary, the saints, and the history of the Catholic Church.

The museum also embraces art that helps reference Christian history and the congregations of the Reformation. The museum holds in high esteem the Jewish faith and preserves a significant collection of Jewish art and history.

The Museum serves a three-fold purpose:

1. Preservation of our historical patrimony in art, liturgy, music, paintings, statuary, etc.

2. Restoration of artistic and liturgical items to sacred use in the Diocese and as far away as the domestic and foreign missions.

3. Evangelization and education through the teaching power of art depicting the Bible, Christian History, Diocesan History, and the lives of the saints.

The New Museum, Broad and High


John Kohan on Sadao Watanabe